J. Korean Soc. Atmos. Environ is devoted to the advancement of knowledge in the fields listed below.

- Atmospheric measurements and analysis

- Current status and management

- Dispersion and reaction

- Control technology

- Climate Change and Energy

- Human and ecosystem impact

- Indoor air quality

- Other related fields

Five types of manuscripts are published in this journal:

(1) Research papers, (2) Review papers, (3) Technical information, (4) Special features, and (5) Discussion and Reply.

(1) Research Papers:

Original findings pertaining to the scope of the journal will be published after editorial review. In full-length research articles, authors should present new experimental or theoretical results of significant importance.

(2) Review Papers:

Authoritative review can be published either by the invitation or by direct submission. In both cases, the work will be subject to a peer-review. The review article should include a critical review of important areas in atmospheric science and engineering in order to inform the general reader of the background, state-of-the art, and outstanding research works.

(3) Technical Information:

A report, which includes relevant analytical or treatment information, new experimental elaboration on previous journal articles, etc, with a brief piece of work, although not sufficiently comprehensive for a full article, can be published as technical information.

(4) Special Features:

Special features will be published by invitation only and will be on atmospheric environmental topics judged to be important by editorial board.

(5) Discussions and Reply:

Opinion and comments on the contents of articles published in Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment within one year period can be published as discussions and reply.