Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment

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Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment - Vol. 34 , No. 2
1. p.191 Emission Factor of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Gas-phase from Light Commersial Vehicle using PEMS on Real-road Driving
Ji Hye Lim, Sang Woo Han, Jeong Kim, Young Kee Jang, Mun Soo Chon, Sung Chul Hwang, Joung Hwa Kim, Sung Woon Jung, Jeong Soo Kim, Jin Seok Han

7. p.269 A Study on the Concentration Distribution of Airborne Heavy Metals in Major Industrial Complexes in Korea
Byung-Wook Kang, Min-Ji Kim, Kyung-Min Baek, Young-Kyo Seo, Hak Sung Lee, Jong-Ho Kim, Jin-Seok Han

10. p.306 Evaluation of the Simulated PM2.5 Concentrations using Air Quality Forecasting System according to Emission Inventories - Focused on China and South Korea
Ki-Chul Choi, Yongjae Lim, Jae-Bum Lee, Kipyo Nam, Hansol Lee, Yonghee Lee, Jisu Myoung, Taehee Kim, Limseok Jang, Jeong Soo Kim, Jung-Hun Woo, Soontae Kim, Kwang-Ho Choi