Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment

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Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment - Vol. 34 , No. 6

2. p.772 A Study on Additives for Improvement of SO2 Removal Process using an Electron Beam
KyeongMok Kim, Seo Hee Seo, Jun-Hyeong Park, Tak-Hyun Kim, Jin-Hong Lee, Youn-Suk Son

3. p.780 The Ionic Composition and Acidity of PM2.5 at Baengnyeong Island during the High Concentration Episodes (2013~2014)
Jihee Ban, Taehyun Park, Seung Myung Park, Hye-Jung Shin, Yong-Jae Lim, Jinsoo Choi, Min-Do Lee, Sang-Bo Lee, Jeongsoo Kim, Taehyoung Lee

7. p.831 New Particle Formation and Growth at Baengnyeong Island in 2016
Byeongjin Lim, Mindo Lee, Jinyoung Choi, Seung Myung Park, Sang Bo Lee, Mijung Song

9. p.849 Source Apportionment of PM10 at Pyeongtaek Area Using Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) Model
Jongwon Heo, Chanhyuk Kim, Yoonki Min, Hyeonja Kim, Yeongook Sung, Jongsoo Kim, Kyoungbin Lee, Jongbae Heo

10. p.865 Determination of Hourly Density Using Real Time PM2.5 Mass and Volume Concentrations at the Road Side-OPS Correction Based on Optical Absorption of eBC
Eunyoung Kim, Seokjun Seo, Sunmoon Kim, Sungwoon Jung, Yongmin Lee, Sea-Ho Oh, Gyutae Park, Kyunghoon Kim, Jounghwa Kim, Youdeog Hong, Taehyoung Lee, Min-Suk Bae